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Golden Full Detail Copiar


$300 - 400


180 min


Service Description

This service includes a Golden Full Interior Service.

Exterior Hand Wash.

Clay Process and spray wax (Car Body Cleaner).

Tar, Tree Sap, Lime, and small scratches removal.

Carnauba Wax and Polish using dual action buffer machine.

Tire Shine, Rims Cleaning

Windows washed and cleaned.

Exterior plastics and trim dressed to restore color.

Chrome surfaces cleaned and protected.

Exhaust tip cleaning.

Our exterior detailing includes a careful rinsing and washing of the entire vehicle, including rims, tires, grills, and bumpers. This exclusive service includes the clay process, which helps removing containments such as industrial rain, tree sap, tar, etc., that contaminate and destroy the surface of your vehicle. Once your car paint is smooth and clean, your car is ready to apply high-quality carnauba wax. In this process we use a dual action polisher to give your car a showroom finish, from bumper to bumper.

Your car will look brand new inside and outside. Showroom finish.

Golden Boy Auto Detailing

Your car will look brand new inside and outside> Showroom Finish

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